Jenny McCarthy circa 1998.
Looking fresh in 1998. Reuters

Jenny McCarthy was at the American Music Awards on Sunday, and she spoke about Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, finding a manly man in Los Angeles, and her venture into the world of online dating.

The Two and a Half Men guest star told Access Hollywood that she wants a nice guy who has a job -- and she wouldn't mind if he were bald with a big nose.

I'm from Chicago, she said. I'm from the South Side. Where you know guys eat meat and potatoes. They don't know what a vegetarian means. They're like a guy through and through and out here they want to borrow my makeup concealer.

McCarthy said in a red-carpet interview with Vevo that she has started online dating. She said she is on and

I'm under a different name, she said. You have to get to know my personality before you can date me.

Since Moore and Kutcher recently announced their split, McCarthy was asked about the difficulty of maintaining a relationship in Hollywood. McCarthy knows a thing or two about this - she used to date actor Jim Carrey.

I think there is more of a microscope and I think it's harder to maintain, she told Access Hollywood. It's really hard when two people are famous. I was in that type of relationship where there was two big microscopes. And it's really hard. I wish them both well. I know them both and they're very sweet. And you know sometimes I think relationships are only supposed to last a limited time and move on to the next.

Being hounded can chip away at even the strongest relationships, she said.

When you're on the street and people are hounding you and saying things over and over and over again it's really hard to keep that wall up and pretend it doesn't bother you, she told Access Hollywood. We're all human, so no matter what it's gonna hurt.