Update, Oct. 14, 7:45 pm ET: Matt Jackson's winning streak ended at 13 games. His winnings: $411,612. He'll be back for more in the Tournament of Champions.

Original story: Boom! Matt Jackson, the 23-year-old "Jeopardy!" sensation, won his 12th straight game Monday night. With his $51,000 win, Jackson is now ranked fourth among Jeopardy's greatest players -- behind Ken Jennings, Julia Collins and David Madden. Jackson has won a total of $390,411 during his streak. While he still has six games to go before he can break Collins' run, he needs only $40,000 to surpass her total earnings.

Jackson is popular on Twitter, drawing praise even from the man whose "Jeopardy!" record he just surpassed, Arthur Chu. "It’s an unambiguous and obvious fact that you, Matt Jackson, are the best player we’ve seen yet in 2015," Chu wrote in a letter to Jackson for Salon.

Jackson, a paralegal, appears to know a great deal about -- everything. Meanwhile, his slow smile has made for some viral awkward video.

The contestant's next biggest challenge: figure out how to hold up 12 fingers tomorrow night.