Jeremy Sisto
Jeremy Sisto and wife Addie Lane have finally named their baby boy: Bastion Kick Sisto. Reuters

Jeremy Sisto and wife Addie Lane have finally named their baby boy: Bastian Kick Sisto.

The Jeremy Sisto Baby name was announced via Twitter. Little man finally told us his name; BASTIAN KICK SISTO, the actor tweeted Wednesday night.

Bastian Kick Sisto was born back on March 9. It's unclear why the actor and wife Addie waited so long to name their second child.

Fans of the Suburgatory and Clueless actor are high-fiving Sisto for the odd but awesome naming choice on Twitter.

My 6 year old has named himself Wolf Kitten Rocket Launcher Jet Strike. I like your son's name better, opined @juliecastielle.

that's the most badass name i've heard in a while, @grrraciecat said about Bastian Kick Sisto.

I love it! Congrats to the four of you, it's perfect, said @Liv_and_Lily, referring to Sisto, his wife, son Bastian Kick Sisto and the couple's 2-year-old daughter.

Bastian Kick Sisto is not the only exotic baby in the Sisto household.

Bastion Kick's sister, born in June 2009, is Charlie Ballerina.

Jeremy Sisto said his wife busted out the dictionary to name his daughter.

My wife went through the dictionary page by page, looking for words that weren't really names,' he said in December interview with The Talk, reported. I liked 'Ballerina,' we liked it, he said. But we saved her a little bit, we made it a hyphenated name. I'm hoping she goes for 'Chuck B.'