Jersey Shore Season 5 premieres Thursday, Jan. 5. The cast is back in Seaside, New Jersey, after a whirlwind trip to Italy. Fans are ready to fist pump with Snooki, Jwoww, Sammi, Ronnie, Vinny, Pauly D, Mike and newest member Deena.

Is the Jersey crew back and better than ever? That answer could definitely say yes based on how the cast looks. The show premiered in 2009, but some of the cast members are almost unrecognizable just three years later.

Snooki, or Nicole Polizzi, is by far the most transformed. The petite Jersey diva has shed noticeable pounds and is now down to a slender 98-pounds. Gone are her infamous poof and barely-there outfits. Snooki now sports flowing, red highlighted locks and a more refined style. Of course, she could never give up her oversized, fluffy slippers.

Another Jersey girl who has undergone a major change since we last saw her is Samantha Giancola, otherwise known as Sammi Sweetheart. Sammi chatted with the beauty blog xojane about her primping routine. She revealed that she takes the longest to get ready for a night out a D'Jais. She listed her makeup regimen, too: foundation, concealer, lots of bronzer, (she likes Motives Blush Bronzer Duo), loads of eyeliner, eye shadow, fake eye lashes, and always lip gloss. So, xojane decided to give Sammi a make-under. Make-up artist Shannon Grey Williams used just five products in five minutes. Needless to say, Sammi looked totally transformed. Whether or not she will try the look in Season 5 is debatable.

Finally, Jwoww has turned some heads with her new look. Jwoww, or Jenni Farley, looked noticeably different when Season 4 premiered. The Jersey Shore star clearly dropped significant pounds and some speculated that she might have paid for a few tweaks. Us Weekly noted that Jwoww looked enhanced with injectables like Botox and possibly fillers around her mouth and nose. The 25-year-old told Us Weekly she lost 15-pounds thanks to a strict work-out routine with bodybuilder boyfriend Roger Matthews. She even opts for more clothing these days.

As for the boys, most look the same. Mike, The Situation, still flaunts his six-pack abs. Pauly D is never seen without his blow-out. Vinny Guadagino is probably the most changed. He got inked in Oct. 2010 with Sicilian-themed body art on his bicep. Last season, he even attempted to get a spray tan, though that did not last long.

Check out photos of the Jersey Shore girls before and after. Watch the premiere of Jersey Shore Season 5 Thursday, Jan. 5, at 10:00 PM EST on MTV.