'Jesus Christ Superstar' is returning to the U.S. with cast that you probably wouldn’t expect.

Returning as Jesus Christ is Ben Forster, who won the British reality TV singing competition 'Superstar' to play the lead role in 'Jesus Christ Superstar' back in 2012.

Former Destiny Child’s singer and current gospel star Michelle Williams will play Mary Magdelene, which should calm the folks who have been pitying #poormichelle as of late.

Incubus’s Brandon Boyd will play the infamous traitor Judas Iscarot, who is actually one of the main characters in 'Jesus Christ Superstar' and *NSYNC’s JC Chasez plays Pontius Pilate, the Roman bureaucrat who sentences Jesus to death.

The best casting choice has to be Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols and Public Image Ltd. as King Herod. King Herod asks Jesus to prove he is divine but Jesus refuses, all to the tune of a ragtime number. Rotten has proved himself to be more than just a punk singer in the last 30 years, but still is a left-field choice for Herod. After all, when 'Jesus Christ Superstar' first made the rounds in the 1970s, Rotten was living in an abandonded building and working at a sex shop.

There are 51 North American tour dates, starting on June 9 in New Orleans and ending August 16 in Philadelphia. Tickets will be between $29 and $125. Producer Michael Cohl said the show’s total costs are in the “eight figures.”

Watch Boyd and Williams sing the title track on 'Good Morning America':