Robert F Kennedy Jr has repeatedly spread debunked claims about vaccines, and spoke at a protest in Berlin in 2020 called by Covid-19 deniers and members of the far right
Robert F Kennedy Jr has repeatedly spread debunked claims about vaccines, and spoke at a protest in Berlin in 2020 called by Covid-19 deniers and members of the far right AFP / John MACDOUGALL


  • Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said private polling shows he has "very strong support"
  • He also said that he's "in better shape" to win in the general election than any other candidates on the Democratic ticket
  • Marianne Williamson is also challenging Joe Biden for the Democratic nomination

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. thinks that he would be able to beat President Joe Biden for the 2024 Democratic nomination for president even without a debate.

The nephew of former President John F. Kennedy told Fox News Digital that his privately-commissioned polling showed that he has more than a slim chance of beating Biden in the primary.

"Yes, I can win," Kennedy confidently answered when asked if he can defeat Biden.

"The public polls are showing me at 20% over for the Democrats, and our private polling is showing that I have very strong support among independents and even Republicans," he claimed.

Although he did not disclose nor explain any further about the private poll he was pertaining to, the latest Fox News Democratic primary poll showed that Kennedy was chosen by 19% of blue primary voters.

Kennedy said that he is the Democrats' chance of winning the general election and claimed the support he has is "so much stronger than any other Democratic candidate."

"So, I think I'm probably in better shape to win a general election than any other person on the Democratic ticket," he added.

He also criticized the Democratic Party for the lack of primary debates, saying that the party should be an example of how a democratic system works to choose the best candidates to run for office.

"But I don't think it's a good choice," Kennedy said about not having primary debates. "I think we're living in a time right now that many Americans feel that democracy is rigged and that the election system is rigged."

By tradition, an incumbent running for a second term is the de-facto nominee of the party that controls the White House.

"We need to be able to show people that democracy works and the United States isn't just like the Soviet Union, where the party picks candidates and the public really doesn't have a say," Kennedy said, adding that the optics of not having a debate "are very bad" right now.

He also claimed that the Democratic Party has "become the party of war, of censorship, of fear."

"A party that has brought the warmongering neocons into our foreign policy and turned our domestic policy over to Wall Street and large corporations," he said.

"And we're living in a time when many Americans, 57% of Americans, can't put their hands on $1,000 if their family has an emergency, where a quarter of Americans are hungry or malnourished, undernourished, and where the middle class is now collapsing in our country," he continued.

Aside from Kennedy, author Marianne Williamson is also running to clinch the Democratic nomination. She called Biden's reelection campaign "concerning" and said she is looking forward to a "robust debate."

US President Joe Biden speaks to the press in on May 9, 2023, after a high-stakes meeting with key Republican and Democratic lawmakers yielded no breakthrough on the impasse over the US debt limit