• The netizens appreciated how Joe Biden and Jill Biden brought normalcy into the White House
  • Twitter users loved how the Bidens enjoyed their time together with their dogs in the White House
  • The Bidens' White House sightings sparked comparisons with the Trumps

The netizens love how President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden are bringing normalcy into the White House amid the pandemic.

Joe and Jill have been seen spending time together with their dogs. The couple was even spotted having coffee on the lawn on Valentine's Day with their fur babies, and the sighting made several netizens happy because they found it very refreshing.

"How nice to have such a normal first family. No nude photos, no modeling shots, no family photos staged in a gold-plated room. No Jill Biden reclining on a piano. So refreshing," one wrote.

"We all do! And to see love in the White House’s so refreshing," another commented referring to President Joe Biden and Jill's sightings.

"It's so great to just look a the White House and see normal people like us running the show," a third user wrote.

"It’s nice to have actual human beings and pups in the White House again. The normalcy is so refreshing. I [red heart emoji] the Bidens," @ChidiNwatu wrote.

"2 people drinking coffee on their lawn while their dogs run around. NORMALCY. I love it!!" another added.

The admiration for the Bidens seemingly bringing normalcy into the White House sparked comparisons with the Trumps. Many speculated that former President Donald Trump and Melania Trump had an unhappy marriage because they weren’t as sweet as the current first couple. However, some still supported the Trumps.

"That are not normal at all! Jill and Biden were dating hardly, even Jill was still actively married back than[sic]. The rest of the family, under the Big Guy’s authority, servicing the CCP much as they can for their own benefit! I rather deal with those nude pictures of Melania," one wrote.

"You would be surprised to learn that whole area is cordoned off with concertina wire and national guard. No citizen could even get close enough to see it. It is very much NOT normal, that anyone is pretending it is is gravely concerning," another commented on Jill's heart-like posters on the White House lawn.

A different user also said she was glad about Jill's Valentine decor and her video with the president enjoying a great morning together. However, she wasn't happy that the Trumps were treated differently by the media when they were as normal as the others.

On Valentine's Day, Joe paid a sweet tribute to his wife by calling her the love of his life. The POTUS took to Twitter and shared a sweet photo of them and wrote, "The love of my life and the life of my love. Happy Valentine’s Day, Jilly."

Meanwhile, Melania's Valentine's Day tweet sent love and strength to the children of the country and didn't mention her husband.

US President Joe Biden kisses First Lady Jill Biden at the White House
US President Joe Biden kisses First Lady Jill Biden at the White House AFP / JIM WATSON