• A CNN report says Melania Trump has spent most of her time relaxing at Mar-a-Lago's spa and is bitter over Jill Biden's publicity
  • Trump's office calls the report "false gossip" that "illustrates the media’s unhealthy obsession"
  • Amy Kremer, chair of Women for America First, also criticized the report and urged the media to leave Trump alone

Melania Trump has denied the claims of a new report regarding her alleged thoughts about her successor, Jill Biden, and how she has been spending her time after leaving the White House.

The piece came from CNN White House correspondent Kate Bennett, who, citing several anonymous sources, reported this week that Trump has moved on from her time as first lady and has been relaxing at the spa at Mar-a-Lago for the past several weeks. The report also claimed that Trump was bitter over the media attention Biden has been getting since the latter became FLOTUS.

On Saturday, the former first lady's newly established Office of Melania Trump issued a statement via Twitter addressing the report, calling the piece "false gossip."

"Mrs.Trump is no longer First Lady. She is a private citizen, mother, & wife," the statement read. "Sources in this article are not affiliated w her nor have insight into her thoughts or daily life. CNN’s FLOTUS Correspondent choosing to publish false gossip illustrates the media’s unhealthy obsession."

Trump's office posted the response while retweeting a post by Amy Kremer, the chair of Women for America First and co-founder of Women for Trump, criticizing the report.

"Why is it necessary to write a hit piece on Melania Trump after she has left the WH & is just trying to live her life in private, @KateBennett_DC? Please, have some grace & leave her alone," Kremer wrote.

The statement from Trump's office received mixed responses from Twitter users. Some left messages of support for the former first lady, while others expressed interest in following her initiatives post-White House.

"They are STILL jealous of the former first lady's unflappable grace, style and ability, and STILL angry they could not tear her down. Go forward from strength to strength, Melania! And good fortune to you and your family, always!" one commented.

"Jealousy is a strange thing. People who are jealous to someone will do anything to destroy that person. The attacks on Melania Trump are great examples of the extent to which people will go ease their feelings of inferiority," @BronaghRoisin added.

"All we want to hear about is her focus on family and her future initiatives," another wrote.

However, some pointed out that it is likely Trump will continue to receive media attention as this has been the case for other former first ladies such as Michelle Obama.

A Twitter user wrote, "She is a FORMER First Lady and quite the controversial one. That's why she is under scrutiny. Get used to it."

President Donald Trump and his wife, Melania, listen to the US national anthem during the third night of the Republican National Convention
President Donald Trump and his wife, Melania, listen to the US national anthem during the third night of the Republican National Convention AFP / SAUL LOEB