John Cena and A.J. Lee kissed on Monday night’s episode of "WWE RAW," exciting their Twitter fans.

As Managing Supervisor Vickie Guerrero was saying she was ready to reveal more “evidence” in the “A.J. scandal,” John Cena planted on long kiss on Lee, really giving Guerrero something to talk about.

The two continued to lock lips until Dolph Zinger attacked Cena from behind in the ring. Twitter soon went into a frenzy posting about the event. Some people wrote that they saw it coming, some were disgusted and others were happy that the two had gotten back together.

Whatever their feelings, many were happy to see that “Cena and A.J.” was a nationwide trending topic.

John Cena had been a hot topic in the tabloids after he and his wife Elizabeth Huberdeau filed for divorce.

But what really ignited the wrestler’s popularity were false rumors that he had died.

Now that Cena's single and his popularity is at a height, it’s no wonder his fans went crazy when they saw him making out with A.J. Lee on Monday night.

Because the kiss lasted for so long, some wondered if the two were dating in real life, with other people predicting the WWE stars would make adorable babies.

@Mrs_Swag11 tweeted, “John Cena and AJ are the cutest couple EVER.”

@gerellecampbell asked, “So do cena and aj go out cuz tht was a long kiss?”

‏@jadenator_S thought, “@WWE that's. cuuuute cena and aj <3 they suppose to be married”

@JC3naFan assumed, “So...I guess Cena and Aj are a "thing" now... I don't think you can make it anymore public than THAT.... #Raw

@CloWWE tweeted, “Cena and AJ kissing looks like their trying to chew each other lips off . . . #awkward @WWE #RAW.”

@robertly3 said, “Cena and AJ stole the show! No offense to Show Off Dolph Ziggler”

@NickaylaWalker posted, “Omg Cena and Aj Yay !!! Make love and have some of the world's cutest babies !!!!”

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