Johnson & Johnson reported it was recalling certain Doxil, Procrit and Remicade drugs with specific lot numbers that matched products stolen earlier this month.

The company said on Thursday it was withdrawing the products to protect patients from receiving them damaged or mishandled after a truck was stolen while it was transporting merchandise from a distribution center in Kentucky to a specialty distributor.

If the stolen product were to be reintroduced into distribution channels, the companies cannot guarantee that products were stored at appropriate temperatures,nor can the companies guarantee the products were not damaged, J&J said in a statement according to Reuters.

Although the happening was reported to the local and federal law enforcement offices, the merchandise and the transport trailer have not been recovered.

Johnson & Johnson said it doesn't anticipate a disruption in product availability for patients, while the stolen drugs represent a small amount of the total product within the distribution channel.

Shares of Johnson & Johnson fell 0.19 percent to $66.68 on Thursday composite trading at the New York stock Exchange.