Suffering from pain in the joints can sometimes become unbearable. While joint pains may have come as a result of an accident, many of them are symptoms of chronic illnesses, including osteoarthritis.

According to Mayo Clinic, pain in the joint may also be caused by inflammation in any of the sections of a joint, which include ligaments, bone, tendons, muscles, or cartilage. In older adults, lingering joint pain that seems to be getting worse as each day passes by is oftentimes a sign of osteoarthritis. This arthritis is one of the most common types in the UK.

Affecting almost any joint in the body, osteoarthritis causes joints to become very painful and stiff. Its severity can vary from one person to the next, depending on which joints are affected.

3 supplements for joint pain
3 supplements for joint pain guvo59 - Pixabay

Fortunately, studies have shown there are ways to alleviate the pain. Researchers say that taking particular supplements can help ease the pain due to osteoarthritis. What are some of these supplements?


One of the natural substances in the body, glucosamine is formed by combining glucose and glutamine. Usually found in the cartilage, this natural substance plays a vital role in overall health and resilience.

There are many supplements containing glucosamine that are designed to treat joint pain due to osteoarthritis. In one study, researchers examined how the supplement called glucosamine sulfate to alleviate the symptoms. They found that the supplement slows down osteoarthritis progression. It does this by delaying the narrowing of the space in the joint, which is an indication that the condition is becoming worse.


This is part of human connective tissues that are found in the bone and cartilage. When made into a supplement, chondroitin sulfate can reduce inflammation and pain. It also improves the function of the joints, and like glucosamine, it also delays the progression of osteoarthritis.

Studies have also proven that chondroitin sulfate helps prevent cartilage breakdown due to osteoarthritis and can also improve its repair mechanisms.


Long used in Ayurvedic medicine, turmeric is widely acknowledged as the answer to a host of health problems, including osteoarthritis-induced joint pains. The pain-relieving properties of this root crop originated from its chemical compound called curcumin. This compound has been studied and proven to have anti-inflammatory properties.

While studies on turmeric as regards to its efficacy as a pain reliever is a bit limited, an analysis of existing research found that it does alleviate joint pain symptoms. These studies have also proven that turmeric is better at easing joint pains compared to placebo.