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Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth are reportedly getting married this Saturday in Arkansas. TLC

Unlike her other siblings who married in their 20s, Joy-Anna Duggar may be breaking away from tradition to become the family’s first teen bride. Rumors are swirling that her wedding to Austin Forsyth is taking place this weekend.

While Joy and Austin were initially believed to be tying the knot on Oct. 28 of this year, which is Joy’s 20th birthday, the couple now appears to be having a late spring wedding. Duggar Family News, which typically has scoop on the Duggars, has reported that it has been “confirmed” that Joy and Austin are due to say their vows on Saturday, May 20.

“It seems like the wedding will be held close to the Duggar compound since the source said guests will be at the compound before and after the wedding,” reported the site.

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If Joy and Austin do wed this weekend, Joy will be the first in Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s brood to enter into marriage as a teen. Josh Duggar, her eldest brother, married wife Anna Duggar when he was 20. Joy’s sisters Jessa Seewald, Jill Dillard and Jinger Vuolo wed at ages 21, 23, and 22, respectively. However, Jessa’s now husband, Ben Seewald, was also 19 when he wed.

The Duggar family has not confirmed the date of Joy and Austin’s wedding. The lastest post from the family on their Facebook fan page was a message about Jill Dillard in celebration of her 26th birthday on Wednesday.

While the family is remaining quiet about Joy’s upcoming wedding, she and Austin were spotted together in a Mother’s Day video for Joy’s mom Michelle Duggar this past weekend. In the clip, which also featured several of Joy’s siblings, the bride-to-be expressed her gratitude for her mom and her desire to also be a mother.

“I’m so thankful for your momma and even more recently just helping with all the wedding planning and helping me just not get stressed out with all of that. I can’t wait to be a mother myself,” Joy said.

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The video wasn’t the first time Joy has talking about her pregnancy plans. Last month she told Crown of Beauty Magazine children are in her five-year plan. “Lord willing, I will be married and a mother,” Joy told the publication.

Joy and Austin were initially believed to be getting married this fall after their wedding registry listed their date as Oct. 28. The couple quickly cleared up rumors about their wedding date, writing to fans, “It will be such a blessing to us as we start this season in our life together! May the Lord richly bless you for your kindness! P.S. Our actual wedding date has not been announced yet!”

While its unconfirmed by the family when Joy and Austin will get married, it is clear Joy has been preparing for her big day. Earlier this month, the family released an updated photo of Joy showing off her weight loss. While some “Counting On” fans expressed concern about her look, others praised her pre-wedding physique.

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