Casey Anthony, Caylee Anthony
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A Florida judge is weighing whether Case Anthony should pay up for the cost of investigating the disappearance of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee.

Several agencies to include the sheriff's office and Florida Department of Law Enforcement have filed expenses of more than $517,000. The judge is hearing their arguments for why Anthony should pay those charges, The Associated Press reports.

Anthony, 25, was acquitted of murder charges in July, but was convicted of four counts of lying to authorities. She told officers who were investigating Caylee's disappearance that a babysitter had the toddler. Authorities later learned that the babysitter never existed.

The extensive investigation is said to have drained manpower.

Anthony is serving probation in an undisclosed Florida location and her attorney is appealing the lying conviction. He may ask the judge to hold off on deciding about the payment, The AP reports.