The poster for "Jurassic World" shows just how close guests in the film can get to the dinosaurs. Once done with the attractions, visitors can rest up at the park's Margaritaville and possibly run into its famous headlining musician. Universal Pictures

It’s five o’clock somewhere on Jurassic World’s Isla Nublar. Thanks to margarita mogul Jimmy Buffet, guests can throw back cheeseburgers in Cretaceous paradise in the newly released "Jurassic Park" sequel "Jurassic World," that is, until all hell breaks loose and it’s every man, woman and child for themselves.

In a very clear moment of product placement in the film, fans can easily spot the storefront Margaritaville in Jurassic World’s central walkway. Not unlike the chain of restaurants already in place at Universal theme parks’ City Walk areas, the watering hole for visiting tourists is a popular destination when not making queue for a new attraction.

But if look closely during the scene when terror erupts in the heart of the Jurassic World theme park at the sight of encroaching airborne dinos, and viewers can spot a man fiercely protecting a margarita in each hand. That man is none other than Mr. Margaritaville himself, Jimmy Buffet. According to Us Weekly, the musician even stopped by the “Jurassic World” premiere and performed with star Chris Pratt at the movie’s after party.

Buffet, 68, confirmed his cameo it on Twitter with a cheeky on-set photo. "Jurassic World" producer Frank Marshall also recently posted a photo of the musician wearing his orange shirt he sports during his brief movie cameo. The two incriminating margarita glasses are included in the Twitter photo just before they were prepped for shooting.

The scene of a man protecting his two drinks in a time of crisis was one of the few moments of respite for the dark movie. Hopefully, Buffet's character managed to escape to safety before the Indominus Rex showed up to wreck some serious havoc. Perhaps Buffet could return for the sequel with Pratt and save even more drinks for future surviving escaped dinosaurs emergencies.