Justin Bieber's stabbing may have just been a Facebook hoax but his fans, many of whom believed the scam was true, have taken to Twitter to vent their frustrations.

I can't believe people started a rumor that Justin Bieber got stabbed with gruesome pic of someone pic of someone with their back slashed, Tweeted Manwigs.

Nearly had a heart attack when I heard Justin Bieber was stabbed PHEW, another fan tweeted.

Reactions on twitter showed that many people believed the hoax was true. I think Justin Beiber got stabbed, he died, Tweeted MadLMA.

I would love to see Justin Bieber stabbed, I hope it's true, Tweeted JustCheese.

Facebook scammers sent out a post on Sunday with the tag line Justin Bieber stabbed by a crazed fan outside a NYC nightclub. The message portrayed a picture of a deeply slashed male back. Once the post is clicked the scam is given away as users are re-directed to fill out a survey, which the scammers make commission from.

If you have encountered the message remove the link from your Facebook page to prevent it from spreading. Facebook users are advised to inform their friends and tell them not to click or share the link.

I really don't understand why anyone clicks on those dumb -- links on Facebook. If Justin Beiber got stabbed you probably would have heard, tweeted Avery Dugun Brown

If you come across such links in the future, check in with the Sophos page on Facebook, which keeps users up to date with Internet scams.