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  • News about the alleged sexual harassment of an unidentified boy group member was reported in April
  • A decision trial reportedly happened at the Seoul Central District Court on March 29
  • Last Thursday, a second trial was reportedly held at the Criminal Division 9 of the Seoul High Court

An unidentified member of a K-Pop boy group has been given a sentence in the second trial for the charges of allegedly molesting his bandmate.

During the second trial, the unidentified K-Pop boy group member was reportedly sentenced by the Seoul High Court to two years and six months in prison, three years probation and 80 hours of sexual violence treatment classes, as in the first trial.

International Business Times couldn't independently verify this information. But local news outlet Sports Chosun reported that the accused allegedly forcibly molested his bandmate several times in their dorm and practice room from 2017 to 2021.

The accused idol reportedly admitted to the charge of forcible molestation but denied the charge of rape, saying, "I don't remember because I was drunk."

During the first trial, the sentence was reportedly made because the victim was "experiencing sexual discomfort and mental pain." Meanwhile, the accused "has generally reflected on his mistakes and reached an agreement with the victim."

The accused reportedly withdrew from his group after the controversy.

The news report has been posted on an online forum in South Korea, with netizens sharing their thoughts about the alleged accuser's sentence.

"...He's been a victim of this for six years, and the assailant is only getting three years probation?" commented one netizen, while another stated, "They are insane for giving [just] probation."

"Seriously, the victim must feel horrible and wronged," another commented. A fourth user shared, "The victim is the only one losing here."

In April, a report by Seoul Newspaper stated that a member of a six-member male idol group was sent to trial for forcibly molesting and raping a fellow member of his group during their trainee days until after their debut.

The victim reported the abuse to the Gangnam Police Station in 2021, and his bandmate was reportedly indicted for indecent assault and rape. After the accused departed his group for personal reasons, his agency stated that they were investigating the matter and would release a later statement at the time.

Idol trainees spend long periods in confined spaces of training camps and practice rooms at a young age, making them vulnerable to violence and sexual crimes that happen within their group, claimed Seoul Newspaper.

However, agencies are reportedly in a legal blind spot because they are not an employment or educational institution, which means that they are not obligated to prevent sexual crimes and are not obligated to report them.

Because of this, victims find it difficult to come forward.

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