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  • The court has denied FIFTY FIFTY's petition to suspend its contract with its music label
  • FIFTY FIFTY lacked evidence to prove the other party violated the contract and that there was a breach of trust
  • Attrakt CEO Jeon Hong-joon said he will now focus on his criminal suit against The Givers CEO Ahn Sung Il

A Seoul jury has denied FIFTY FIFTY's injunction to suspend its exclusive contract with Attrakt due to a lack of evidence proving that the latter violated its part of the contract and betrayed its trust.

On Monday, a judge from the 50th Civil Settlement Division of Seoul's Central District Court in South Korea dismissed the injunction filed by Aran, Sio, Saena and Keena against their music label, claiming that there was "no reason" for such to be recognized, per an exclusive report from Dispatch.

The court deemed that FIFTY FIFTY did not give justifiable reasons for the termination of the contract and evidence to prove that Attrakt had failed to meet settlement obligations, neglected their health and lacked support.

For the settlement obligation, though the group contested that there was zero music revenue for the account statement in April, an employee of the outsourcing company committed the mistake of omitting the said income but was immediately corrected after obtaining the content certification last June. The court said, "It is difficult to conclude that there was a violation of the obligation to settle the trust relationship or the obligation to provide settlement data."

As for FIFTY FIFTY's health-related concerns, the group also failed to prove that Attrakt did not check the members' health problems. The latter claimed that it also contacted medical professionals. Lastly, the court also ruled that it was difficult "to say" that the music label violated the contract, failing to support the quartet's activities, just because it cut ties with The Givers.

"Despite FIFTY FIFTY's request for correction, the agency did not correct it [or] circumstances such as repeated or prolonged violations of the agency's obligations have not been confirmed. It is difficult to conclude that the trust relationship has reached the extent of collapse," the court concluded.

The trial came after FIFTY FIFTY and Attrakt failed to reach a mutual agreement through the mediation court after the former decided to push through with the legal battle — its legal representatives filling for interrogation to the court, hoping that both parties go into trial.

Speaking on the court's dismissal, Attrakt CEO Jeon Hong-joon released a statement to local media outlets saying, "The past two months, every day has been really painful. Seeing the rejection verdict, I feel like they've at least acknowledged the injustice I've been through," per an English translation from Allkpop. He added that he was "grateful" for those who supported him and the company and that he would now focus on his criminal lawsuit against The Givers CEO Ahn Sung II.

Despite the dispute, Hong-joon still hoped that he could work with the members of FIFTY FIFTY again saying, "Above all, I want the members to come back. I hope this serves as a good precedent that will sound the alarm for those who engage in defamation and attempts to take over the group, which hinders the development of Hallyu."

Following FIFTY FIFTY's first loss, the K-Pop community took to social media and online forums to discuss how the legal dispute would affect the group's career. Some said the outcome was "expected," while others empathized with the members.

"FIFTY FIFTY YOU WILL GET YOUR JUSTICE," one user wrote on Twitter.

Another commented, "[There isn't] no way, poor girls. If the conditions under which they were working were bad, I'm scared Attrakt might make it 10 times worse."

"That was sadly expected. The lawsuit will be just as difficult for them. I wonder how this will end but hope a solution will be [found] for them to at least not suffer too much. For their career, I think it will probably be too late anyway, the industry moves fast, and I don't think people will wait for them," a third user stated on Reddit.

"Entirely unsurprised by this. Probably the messiest and most confusing legal battle I've ever tried to follow (emphasis on tried because what the f—k)," a fourth user said, while another wrote, "Welp I guess it was a good few months, I won't defend nor hate on the girls. [I wish] this all had a different outcome."

FIFTY FIFTY has yet to release an official statement regarding the court's decision. However, its legal representatives told local media outlets that the group is discussing filing an appeal and that a decision would most likely be revealed within the week.

FIFTY FIFTY, 케이팝에 음악이 돌아왔다. FIFTY FIFTY/Facebook