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  • Do Dae-yoon from Two Months appeared on a YouTube interview after a decade of career break
  • The singer finally opened up about the real reason why his career got put on hold in 2012
  • Dae-yoon also shared that he wanted to create a safe space for people like him

South Korean singer Do Dae-yoon, also known as Denny Do, recently revealed through an interview on YouTube that he had to pause his rising fame in 2012 because he was psychologically ill and had to be admitted to a mental hospital.

On Friday, the other half of the South Korean duo Two Months was interviewed on a YouTube channel that features celebrities who were away from the public eye for a long time. Dae-yoon, who rose to fame in 2011 when he joined Mnet's "Superstar K" with Kim Ye-rim, opened up about what happened in 2012 that made him take a career break.

After a decade-long hiatus, Dae-yoon disclosed the personal circumstances he didn't reveal before. According to him, he was suffering psychologically in 2012, and his family had to have him admitted to a mental hospital for his severe bipolar disorder.

While admitted to a psych ward for two months, Dae-yoon shared that he had to take five different pills for medication every day. The nurses also kept him under strict supervision and monitoring. "It made me sleep well. I felt like they were treating me through sleeping," he shared, per an English translation by Allkpop.

He then opened up that his bipolar symptoms started showing up after "Superstar K," when he was embroiled in different controversies. One of which was being criticized by the public when his photos of going clubbing at a young age surfaced. Another one was when he received backlash for defending Sulli for her controversial photo at the time, per Koreaboo.

According to Dae-yoon, he still goes to a psychiatrist once a month but is doing much better now. "I learned much more about my illness, as well as myself. I ultimately want to help people like me, whether it's going to be some sort of platform or something in person," he said.

With his courage to share about his condition, he won the hearts of the viewers of his interview. Fans also showed him support.

In one of his latest posts on Instagram, some fans left messages of support after hearing about his story.

"I'm rooting for you so much," commented one fan; another one stated, "I think a platform that heals peoples' hearts with songs would be good like it is now."

Meanwhile, fans and netizens gave messages of support and encouragement in the comments section of his interview on YouTube.

"I was a huge fan of Two Months at the time... Dae-yoon, always be healthy and work hard on your music activities," commented one fan. Another one said, "I hope you only walk on flowery paths."

"I really like Dae-yoon's voice, and I am a fan. Keep playing music," stated another. A fourth one commented, "I want to see you do music activities."

Do Dae-yoon daey00n/Instagram