Kanye West

The live recording of the "12-12-12 Concert For Sandy Relief" was released on Tuesday and many were surprised to discover that Kanye West, who performed during the fundraiser, was left off the track list.

It's unclear why the grammy-winning hip-hop sensation doesn't appear on the album but according to Billboard, West may not have been happy with his performance. Though he may not have been happy with it, his 13-song medley was one of the most praised moments of the night.

The "Concert for Sandy Relief," which was held at Madison Square Garden and featured performances from such legendary artists as Bruce Springsteen and Paul McCartney, brought in a hefty $50 million. The digital download version of the event is currently number one on iTunes.

West wasn't the only performer left of the live album. McCartney's collaboration with members of Nirvana is also absent. Spin notes that since the collaboration is featured in Dave Grohl's upcoming documentary "Sound City" and on it's soundtrack, licensing issues may be a factor.

West called a great deal of attention to himself during the live telecast by performing in a Givenchy skirt--which now has its own Twitter account. As Entertainment Wise reports, West has faced quite a bit of backlash for his fashion choice. The star has been called out on Twitter by the likes of Chris Brown and Cam'ron.

A video has also surfaced showing the "Jesus Walk" singer being fitted for the garment. Released by Glamour, the clip shows West trying on the "kilt" and asking his entourage for their opinion on how he should wear it. He then studies himself in the mirror and comments about being happy with the look of his "silhouette."

While the talk surrounding West's outfit is nothing more than the result of strict gender norms, there's no denying that the rapper has lost some of his appeal. This year, he began dating Kim Kardashian, whose divorce from Kris Humphries has not yet been finalized, and made several appearances on her reality show "Keeping Up With the Kardashians." In one episode, which sparked controversy, he rummaged through the star's closet and instructed her to toss anything he did not approve of.