Kris jenner Kanye West Fight Living Jay Z Beyoncé
A report Wednesday said that Kanye West and Kris Jenner entered into a nasty fight after which she told him to get out of her house. The report added that West has been living with his friends Jay Z and Beyoncé since then. In this photo, Kim Kardashian, her husband West and mother Jenner are seen attending the Balmain show as part of the Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Fall/Winter 2015/2016 on March 5, 2015 in Paris, France. Getty Images/Pascal Le Segretain

Kris Jenner and Kanye West reportedly had a massive fight after the latter's comments on Kylie Jenner’s Puma deal. Now, a In Touch Weekly report has suggested that the momager kicked him out of the house and the “Famous” singer has moved in with friend Jay Z and Beyoncé. However, the report was slammed by gossip debunking site Gossip Cop, saying it was all false.

The In Touch Weekly report said, according to Radar Online, that the trouble between West and Jenner began after he commented on Kylie’s deal with Puma. West had tweeted about the deal saying Kylie will be on the Yeezy team, the line of shoes West makes in collaboration with Adidas. However, the deal was reportedly signed later in secret and West was “happy for her,” despite being angry for a bit.

A source told In Touch Weekly, according to Radar Online, that his decision that he knew what was best for Kylie, started the trouble between Kris and him. The source said: “It infuriated Kanye because he’s affiliated with rival Adidas,” adding: “He blamed Kris, calling the deal the ultimate betrayal and labeled her a greedy money-grabber during a showdown that left his wife, Kim, a sobbing wreck.”

The insider went on to say that Jenner “threw him out of her house on the spot,” and added that the rapper has been living with his friends since then. “Kanye turned to Jay Z and Beyoncé — and he moved in with them! It’s in Holmby Hills, miles away from Kris’ place and his family,” the source said, according to Radar Online, adding: “He’s stayed there many nights since the argument.

“Now that Kanye is out of Kris’ house, the rift between him and Kim (Kardashian) is even wider,” the source added.

Gossip Cop also cited the story by In Touch Weekly, saying that the rift between West and his wife also widened because she has “deep-rooted issues” with Beyoncé. The source told In Touch Weekly: “Kim is disgusted with Kanye for choosing to live with Beyoncé and Jay of all people,” adding: “This is all leading to what will no doubt be a very painful and bitter divorce. If Kanye never came home, it wouldn’t matter to Kim one bit. She’s done.”

Gossip Cop slammed all the reports of an allegedly impending divorce and the fight between Kris and West and said that the rapper and his wife are still living with Kris. It also substantiated that the stories of trouble are fabricated by taking help of an Instagram post by Kardashian that shows West, Kardashian, Kris and some of their friends gathered together for a movie night.

Earlier reports had said that his Twitter rants made Kris feel that the Jenner-Kardashian reputation was being ruined and she asked her daughter to end her marriage to West. Since then several more reports have suggested that Kardashian and West are headed towards a divorce, but they were also debunked by Gossip Cop.