Catherine, wife of heir to the throne Prince William, wore a silver-coloured headpiece with three-dimensional leaf embroidery


  • Meghan Markle fans claimed Kate Middleton's Eurovision gown was similar to the former's 2022 NAACP outfit
  • Middleton's supporters argued that the future queen doesn't need to copy her sister-in-law
  • Middleton's Jenny Packham gown was a nod to the Ukrainian flag

Kate Middleton's blue gown for her 2023 Eurovision performance has sparked accusations on social media that she was taking style inspiration from Meghan Markle.

The Princess of Wales stunned in a blue silk one-shouldered dress from designer Jenny Packham when she made a surprise cameo at Saturday's 2023 Eurovision Song Contest final, playing the piano in a pre-recorded video.

But some of Markle's fans accused her of copying Prince Harry's wife, pointing out that the former "Suits" star appeared at the NAACP Image Awards last year in a blue ombre one-shouldered gown that had similar chiffon detailing as Middleton's blue dress, Fox News Digital reported.

"It is quite creepy the way Kate Middleton copies everything that Meghan wears and does. She never ever has an original idea of her own. Meghan lives on in Kate's head rent-free," one Twitter user wrote.

Another claimed, "This is just too sick! The firm and the so-called royals didn't want Meghan around, but having Kate try to copy her shows they wanted Meghan more than they realized. Kate will always be fake and nothing else."

"William's Kate, a copycat? What a compliment to Meghan! She can copy Meghan's styles, looks and all, but she can never come close to Meghan's force, her smarts, and her achievements," a Sussex supporter wrote.

"So why is Kate looking like a copy of Meghan? To be honest, it's sad that the future queen of England doesn't have game. Oh and leave the denial, we saw the pictures. Kate is pathetic to copy Meghan so directly," another user claimed.

But others slammed the comparisons, claiming that, apart from the color, the two gowns were very different and expressing doubt that Middleton would copy Markle's style.

"Never in 1,000 years would Kate copy Meghan for anything!" one commented.

Another agreed, writing, "I highly doubt that Kate Middleton has to copy anything of Meghan Markle's. Kate comes off as a class act."

"Apart from the colors, these two dresses have nothing [in common]," another wrote.

"Kate Middleton, [the] Princess of Wales [has] charisma, [a] unique style... sparkles like a star... No need to copy Meghan Markle," another royal fan added.

But some Twitter users said no one was copying the other, but rather, both women just had "basic" styles.

"Meghan Markle stans and Kate Middleton stans fighting over who copies who when in reality both of them just simply have very basic middle-aged rich women styles," one person tweeted.

Markle and Prince Harry accepted the President's Award at the NAACP Image Awards in February 2022. The Duchess of Sussex turned heads in a one-shouldered gown in multiple shades of blue designed by New York-based Christopher John Rogers, Harper's Bazaar reported. Rogers reportedly reached out to Markle to collaborate on the look.

Meanwhile, Middleton's blue chiffon pleated dress appeared to be a nod to the flag of Ukraine as she performed alongside last year's Eurovision champions, Ukrainian hip-hop band Kalush Orchestra, according to WWD.

The Princess of Wales played an instrumental version of "Stefania," Kalush Orchestra's winning entry. Middleton's performance was created by composers, arrangers and musical directors Joe Price and Kojo Samuel and filmed from the Crimson Drawing Room of Windsor Castle earlier this month.

Much has been made of the contrast between Kate and her sister-in-law Meghan Markle, who married William's brother Prince Harry
Much has been made of the contrast between Kate and her sister-in-law Meghan Markle, who married William's brother Prince Harry AFP / Oli SCARFF