Kate Middleton is disliked for being lazy.

The Duchess of Cambridge is one of the most popular members of the British family. Middleton is beautiful and smart. She looks perfect in every say. One netizen took to Quora and asked what the people like and dislike about the duchess.

According to Marlene Williams, she doesn’t like Middleton because she is “lazy.” Another online user gave the same reason. Jen Burns, who follows the British royal family said that Prince William’s wife is “lazy, entitled and spoilt.”

“Duchess Kate likes her privileged life, but doesn’t seem to understand that privilege brings responsibility. Duchess Meghan on the other hand, has a good understanding of service snd has hit the decks running in her charity work,” she wrote.

Burns understand that Middleton has three children. However, she added that the royal mom has many nannies and domestic staff to do her bidding.

Deanna Eppers, who is in favor of monarchy, revealed that she adored Middleton until Meghan Markle joined the royal family. The Duchess of Sussex has a great ethic and was involved in charitable works even before she married Prince Harry, so it made her realized that Middleton “could do more.”

Markle’s fans also criticized Middleton for the same reason. Many of them believed that Prince William’s wife is “lazy.”

“I only got one thing to say, no matter what you think, Kate will never be on Meghan’s level, all that lazy consort did was marry a Prince, she don’t know about working, and connecting with others, don't disrespect Meghan like that.. #DuchessOfSussex,” one fan wrote.

Earlier this year, a group of royal fans expressed their disappointment to the Duchess of Cambridge. One said that Middleton is still not at the level she expected her to be eight years after joining the royal family. She added that Middleton was “forever stuck at year 1!”

“[I] noticed that...but really, 8 years and there's nothing to show,” another user wrote, adding that Middleton will always be known as the “duchess do little.”

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton visits The Foundling Museum on March 19, 2019 in London. Getty Images/Eddie Mulholland