Ben Ainslie and Kate Middleton
Ben Ainslie and Kate Middleton board Land Rover BAR's training boat before running a training circuit on the Solent in Portsmouth, southern England on May 20, 2016. Getty Images/AFP/FRANK AUGSTEIN

After Kate Middleton participated in a sailing race Friday, a rumor has cropped up saying that she was “flirting” with Olympic sailor Ben Ainslie during a training session in Portsmouth, England. But, the rumor has been shot down by Gossip Cop, which debunks celebrity gossip.

Celebrity Dirty Laundry had reported that Middleton was trying to make Prince William “jealous” by having “flirty closeness” with Ainslie, who is married. The outlet, whose stories have been debunked by Gossip Cop in the past, speculated whether Middleton had a “crush on Ben or was she trying to make Prince William jealous.”

“Ben and Kate seemed to be quite chummy the moment they met at the docks at Portsmouth upon Kate’s arrival,” the Celebrity Dirty Laundry report said.

Gossip Cop brushed off the report saying it was “nonsense” and Middleton was being flirty with Ainslie. The website also said that William was not “jealous” because of his wife’s interaction with Ainslie.

Earlier this month, the Daily Star reported that Middleton wants to have a third baby and is hoping to conceive later this year. The Duchess of Cambridge, who is reported to be traveling to Brazil for the Rio Olympics, does not want to risk the trip due to the prevalence of Zika virus, the paper said.