Prince William and Kate Middleton
How to mention the name "Louis" according to Kate Middleton? Pictured: Prince William and Middleton pose for photographers with their newborn baby boy Prince Louis of Cambridge outside the Lindo Wing of St Mary's Hospital on April 23, 2018 in London. Getty Images/Jack Taylor

Kate Middleton demonstrated the correct way of pronouncing the name "Louis" when she married Prince William.

In 2011, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge exchanged "I do's." In a clip shared by The Express from their nuptials, Middleton can be heard mentioning their third child's first name when she said Prince William's full one, which is William Arthur Philip Louis.

"I Catherine Elizabeth take thee William Arthur Phillip Louis to my wedded husband," Middleton said during the exchange of vows.

Many were initially confused as to whether to pronounce the latest royal baby's name as "Loo-wee" or "Loo-is." The publication noted that the Duchess used the former.

Prince William and Middleton welcomed their third baby on April 23. Usually, it only takes two days for Kensington Palace to announce the newborn's name. However, it took four days for them to confirm Prince Louis' moniker.

It is believed that the delay was due to Prince Charles not being able to meet the child right away. The Prince of Wales had to travel to France to commemorate Anzac Day, which honors the fallen Australian and New Zealand veterans from WWI.

In related news, Middleton had a speedy recovery following her delivery. The Duchess was out and about just seven hours after giving birth. She stepped out with Prince William for Prince Louis' public debut and surprised everyone with her pristine look.

However, not everyone was impressed after seeing Middleton's immaculate appearance. According to radio host Meshel Laurie, the royal mom of three was giving other women an "unrealistic message."

"You know what I find troubling is all those young women saying 'Oh, it's inspiring," Laurie said on Australian TV program "The Project." "That's not inspiring!"

"You know what would be inspiring? If when they came in her room and said 'Alright mate, up you get, hair and makeup, let's get out there' she said 'Don't be any idiot, get out! I've just had a baby!" she continued.

Meanwhile, a magazine was slammed after heavily editing Prince William and Middleton in its cover photo taken during Prince Louis' debut. Some netizens commented that the couple looked much better in the original photo.

"You know the world's gone completely mad when a mag has to photoshop one of the most photogenic couples in the world. This is mental," Hilary Barry posted on Twitter about the digitally altered photo of the royals in New Zealand's Woman's Day. "So despite turning up on the hospital steps looking AMAZING hours after birthing that child - she still wasn't good enough for Woman's Day."​