Kate Middleton’s pregnancy rumors continue to persist.

For months, there have been rumors that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting their fourth child already. The palace has not addressed the claims, but the pregnancy rumors intensified when royal correspondent Rebecca English shared on Twitter that Prince William, for the first time, brought a tour doctor with them. Many thought that the Duke of Cambridge did it to ensure his wife’s welfare especially that they were on tour.

The report garnered various reactions from royal fans. Many hoped that it was true while some doubted it. Another social media user said that it was already confirmed by a German TV report.

“Hahahaha she’s pregnant again.. The German TV reported it nearly a month ago...” @Mulatta63 wrote.

“Good if she is! Pushes the spare and his wife down the line a bit more....” one fan wrote.

The fan was referring to Prince Harry’s succession to the throne which will be updated once Prince William and Middleton welcome another child. 

At present Prince Harry is sixth in line to the throne. Prince Charles is the heir apparent, Prince William is the second-in-line to the throne and Prince George is at the third spot. Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis are ranked fourth and fifth, respectively. If the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge welcome another child, Prince Harry will go further down the line of succession. 

Although many are hoping that Prince William and Middleton are expecting, some are convinced that the couple should stop adding more to their brood.

“Time to get off her back and do some actual proper work! I thought they were concerned about overpopulation of the world?” another online user commented.

“Irresponsible, its time to stop breeding love and start contributing,” a different netizen opined.

Many noticed that Prince William and Middleton have become more tactile lately. The couple is often seen smiling and gazing at each other’s eyes. Body language expert Judi James confirmed that Prince William and Middleton have been showing a “slow but a steady increase” of PDA in the recent years.