Netizens discuss what Meghan Markle did to her super curly hair.

The Duchess of Sussex is biracial. In a 2015 essay for Elle, Markle described her father as Caucasian and her mom African American. Markle’s old photos show that she had kinky hair growing up. However, she now has straight hair, which prompted many to wonder if she is wearing wigs or she just straightens her hair from time to time.

Many believe that Markle doesn’t wear wigs. The majority agree that her hair became straight due to chemical treatment because the duchess underwent Brazilian blowout.

“In my professional opinion, I would say that this is her own hair,” Stacy Holmes commented in a question posted on Quora. “From what I can see with her curl pattern, she obviously has it chemically straightened. Some biracial people lose the natural curl they had as a child. I have seen many pictures of her as a child and she inherited her mother's beautiful, black, natural, afro type hair. This could change as she ages and hormone changes during pregnancy.”

Holmes added that Markle’s scalp is seen through her hair in the photos. She concluded that Prince Harry’s wife is not wearing a wig but uses chemical treatment to get rid of her kinky hair. Meanwhile, another royal follower opined that the duchess uses relaxers.

“Meghan has a relaxer in her hair. Relaxers are used to straighten curly/kinky hair. The are the opposite of perms, which are used to curl hair. Her hair is not a wig. She is biracial and has always had long hair. Many black/biracial women use relaxers in their hair to relax the curl pattern and prevent the hair from frizzing up based on the weather,” Kay Morton wrote.

Seren Verch Dafydd believes that although Markle’s hair was curlier before, it doesn’t mean that the duchess straightens her hair using chemical treatment or curling iron. According to her, she also had very curly hair before but when she reached high school, her curls relaxed and she could wear it in soft curls by simply combing it and letting it dry.