A new report claims Kate Middleton is pregnant with twins. The Duchess of Cambridge is pictured visiting Scouts’ headquarters at Gilwell Park in Epping, England on March 28, 2019. Eddie Mulholland-WPA Pool/Getty Images

Rumors continue to fly about Kate Middleton and the chance she may be expecting a fourth child with Prince William, but a new report that she could be expecting twins may not be entirely accurate.

According to a new report in New Idea magazine, Middleton has allegedly dropped hints that seem to indicate she is not only pregnant and expecting a fourth child with her husband, but that she is welcoming a fifth baby as well.

“The big talk in palace secrets is that Kate is already pregnant—and some of her closest confidantes are even saying she’s having twins,” a source allegedly close to Middleton told the magazine. “Apparently her bump is already more pronounced, leading many to believe there’s a double royal surprise coming our way, so it’s incredibly exciting.”

The source went on the indicate that Middleton wanted to be pregnant again by now, which makes the news even more delightful for the royal couple.

“No-one is surprised that she’s pregnant so soon after Louis. She made it clear that she wanted to be pregnant by the middle of the year, so she and Wills have clearly been trying,” the source continued. “Now that all signs are pointing towards another royal baby—or two!--for Wills and Kate, the whole palace is buzzing. It’s an exciting time!”

The magazine also noted that the Duchess of Cambridge keeps fueling speculation about pregnancy by holding clutch bags in front of her midriff during outings, touching her stomach, and sporting a “wider than usual” smile while attending St. Patrick’s Day celebrations with her husband. She also reportedly asked parents with twins about their experiences while on a visit to a London children’s center as well.

However, while there has been a frenzy of bets placed on the possibility that Middleton would potentially announce a fourth pregnancy at some point in 2019, the chances that the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant at all—let alone with two children—seem highly unlikely.

During those same St. Patrick’s Day outings with Prince William, the Duchess was spotted drinking a pint of Guinness beer—something that would be discouraged if she was pregnant at all, but especially if she were expecting more than one child.

The CDC states that there is no “safe amount of alcohol use” during pregnancy, nor is there a period of pregnancy where it is considered safer to indulge. This is also echoed by the UK’s National Health Services as well.

In addition, the report claims that the Duchess already has a pronounced baby bump, but during her most recent outing, the Duchess didn’t seem to have any bump at all, let alone a pronounced one. She has also notably been present for all of her royal engagements, something that did not happen during the early stages of any of her pregnancies, due to her bouts of hyperemesis gravidarum.

Her sister-in-law, Meghan Markle, has also been the subject of rumors that she was pregnant with twins as well. While she is due to give birth to her first child with Prince Harry likely within the next few weeks, she was rumored to be pregnant with twins before she even confirmed she was expecting a child in October. Afterward, she allegedly once stated “them” when speaking about the baby, which also led to speculation she might be expecting twins.