Prince William and Kate Middleton faced a relationship crisis over a decade ago.

According to Marcia Moody in her book “Kate: A Biography,” the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s romance in 2007 wasn’t smooth sailing. A month after Middleton’s 25th birthday, Prince William stepped in and issued a statement asking the press to leave his then girlfriend alone after the paparazzi harassed Middleton.

However, things weren’t really well between the couple at the time.

“Gestures were one thing but the couple weren’t spending any time together and cracks were beginning to show, and then to deepen,” Moody wrote.

Prince William reportedly left the day before Middleton’s birthday to start his training at Bovington Barracks in Dorset. He made it up by giving Middleton a pre-Valentine present. However, when they attended the Cheltenham Festival that year they looked “unhappy.”

“Their matching decades-older tweed outfits were indicative of the rot that had set into their relationship,” the royal expert added.

According to Moody, Prince William spent less time with Middleton as he started spending more time with the rest of his friends at the barracks, going out and drinking, and it didn’t really sit well with Middleton.

"Kate grew increasingly fed up and felt his behaviour was disrespectful,” Moody said before adding that “there was no disguising the fact that William was unsure of their future together.”

It wasn’t the first time they separated. Prince William and Middleton had a trial separation during their final year at the University of St. Andrews and they managed to get through it.

Shortly after their split, Prince William and Middleton got back together. The duchess attended a party at his barracks to celebrate the end of his training. A month after, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were seen dancing and whispering in each other's ears during Princess Diana’s 10th death anniversary memorial concert. It was reportedly at that exact moment when they realized that “this time they wanted to be together forever.”

Prince William and Middleton addressed their split during their engagement interview. The father of three said that they were too young at the time and were still figuring out what they wanted in life. The duchess admitted that she was hurt and wasn’t happy about it, but it made her stronger.

Prince William and Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton and Prince William faced relationship crisis in 2007. Pictured: Prince William and Middleton attend a community meeting during a visit to Blackpool Tower on March 06, 2019 in Blackpool, England. Getty Images/Charlotte Graham