Nearly five years after welcoming their first-born son Prince George, the idea that Duchess Kate Middleton and Prince William broke royal family conception “rules” was revisited. Last April, before welcoming their third child, Express reported on the couple waiting over a year after their wedding to announce the first pregnancy.

In the article “How Kate and William BROKE Centuries Old Newly-Wed ROYAL SEX Tradition,” it is stated by royal author Gill Knappett that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were the first future monarchs in 200 years not to have conceived within the first year of marriage.

“Although not laid down in law, throughout Britain’s history it has been expected that newlywed royals will get on with the serious business of increasing the number of heirs immediately,” reads the report. “But modernizers Kate and William re-wrote the sexual rulebook.”

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William and Kate married in April 2011 and announced they were expecting in December 2012. The couple welcomed heir Prince George, now 5, in July 2013. Less than two years later, they welcomed daughter Princess Charlotte, now 3. Their third child, Prince Louis, was born last April.

While the article states the “world rejoiced” follow Prince Goerge’s birth, it is noted that “members of the public hadn’t had to wait so long before” for a future monarch. The article also stated that, for reference, William’s father, Prince Charles, was born six days before his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, and father, Prince Phillip, celebrated their first wedding anniversary.

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