Kate Middleton reportedly asked her husband Prince William to phase out a friend in their inner circle.

According to The Sun’s executive editor Dan Wootton, the Duchess of Cambridge had a “fall-out with glamorous best friend” Rose Hanbury. Their rift is reportedly that “terrible” that Middleton doesn’t want to include her in their inner circle anymore.

Last week it was reported that Middleton was threatened by her ex-model neighbor Rose, the Marchioness of Cholmondeley as the duchess vied to be the queen bee of the Turnip Toffs. The cause of the rivalry wasn’t really explained in details but it was learned that they were actually friends.

Rose even invited the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to a black-tie gala dinner she hosted at her home at Houghton Hall in 2016. However, Wootton said that the two women just had a falling out and it “is much worse than first thought.”

Prince William reportedly stepped in and tried to broker peace because he and Middleton have enjoyed double dates with Rose and her posh husband David Rocksavage. However, the royal mom of three reportedly refused. Instead, the Duchess of Cambridge ordered Prince William that Rose needs to be “phased out” in their closest confidantes.

Rose and her husband were present at Prince William and Middleton’s royal wedding. She was even hailed as the best-dressed guest. The ex-model also stole the show at Prince Harry’s first-ever state banquet in 2017 when she sat next to the Duke of Sussex wearing an extravagant tiara.

Rose’s family has been part of the most important occasions that the royals celebrate. In 1947, her paternal grandmother Lady Rose Lambert was one of the bridesmaids at Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip’s royal wedding in 1947.

Prince William and Middleton are also rumored to be having a feud with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Just recently, the palace announced that the fab four would split their household.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will be closer to Queen Elizabeth II as they will now be based at Buckingham Palace. On the other hand, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will remain in Kensington Palace.