Kate Middleton should be the one responsible to end the rumored feud between her and Meghan Markle, according to relationship expert Sheela Mackintosh-Stewart.

While speaking with Express, the expert said that the Duchess of Cambridge’s position as a senior royal gives her the responsibility to extend an olive branch to Markle. Mackintosh-Stewart also said that Middleton has a higher position than Markle since she is married to the heir to the throne.

“Being a newcomer into a long-established Royal Family, Kate, as the more senior royal, should reach out to Meghan to untangle any misunderstandings. Simple questions over a cup of tea like ‘how can we support you better as you adjust and transition?’ would go a long way in developing a bond between them,” she said.

Mackintosh-Stewart went on to say that Middleton could share humorous stories of how she transitioned into the royal family with the Duchess of Sussex because this could be a good bonding experience for them. The relationship expert also said that Middleton and Markle should end their rumored feud so that they could benefit the royal family better.

“The public’s hearts would no doubt melt if Meghan was to be seen visibly accompany Kate on her school runs or do ‘girlie’ activities with her, killing all rumors of their lack of friendship,” she said.

However, even though Middleton and Markle are rumored to be feuding with each other, it seems that there is really no truth to these claims. Kensington Palace previously issued a statement saying that the things are written on various publications never happened.

In related news, the relationship guru also weighed in on Markle’s ongoing family drama and said that Prince Harry’s wife should consider reaching out to her dad and half-siblings. It has been revealed that Thomas Markle Sr. lied to the press about his relationship with his daughter.

Markle wrote a letter to her dad saying that she offered him financial help and support especially after he suffered from a heart attack but he refused it.