Kate Middleton seemingly stole Meghan Markle’s fashion.

On Thursday, the Duchess of Cambridge stepped out and made a surprise appearance at Evelina London Children’s Hospital. In the photos, Middleton donned a polka-dot blouse tucked in her black trousers. 

Middleton sported her locks in her signature hair blow dry. There is no doubt that she looked great even if she dressed down by wearing pants.

However, some felt that Middleton stole Markle’s fashion style by wearing black pants. Middleton rarely wears pants and it was Markle who brought black trousers into popularity again.

Christine Ross, editor of Meghan’s Mirror, admitted that it was a “pleasant surprise” for Markle to wear trousers. Although this outfit is professional and timeless, royals rarely use this.

“We almost never see the Duchess of Cambridge wearing them and this really shows that Meghan is not taking style notes from anyone. She’s doing it her own way, and staying true to herself as her role in the royal family grows,” Ross said.

The Duchess of Sussex has been spotted wearing black trousers in several royal engagements especially before she married Prince Harry. She was very persistent in wearing black pants that she actually increased their popularity because online searches for “black trousers” soared by 19 percent in 2018.

“Meghan has 100 percent changed the face of black trousers and given them a new lease of life,” Rochelle White, a celebrity stylist said. “The most basic of wardrobe staples has been transformed into a versatile fashion statement and is now no longer known or worn just for the office.”

In related news, Middleton made a significant breakaway from the royal’s traditional fashion when she dropped Princess Charlotte and Prince George on their first day of school with Prince William. The duchess opted to wear a high-street dress and it was the first time she was seen wearing one. According to Ross, it was the first time Middleton donned an outfit from Michael Kors’ high street line, but many people did not notice it.