Kate Middleton tried to style Princess Charlotte’s hair, but it didn’t go “very well.”

On Tuesday, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited Cumbria. During the outing, Middleton praised a youngster’s braid and shared that she tried to do the same to her daughter Princess Charlotte, but it didn’t turn out very well.

“I love your plaits!” the royal mom of three told a little girl who offered her flowers while pointing to her two French braids.

“I tried to do a plait on Charlotte this morning, and it didn't really work very well.”

Last March, Prince William revealed that he also tried to style their only daughter’s hair. The Duke of Cambridge admitted that he watched YouTube tutorials and added that it was a “nightmare” but he can do a ponytail.

“I can do [Charlotte’s] ponytail, but that’s about it as I don’t have enough hair to practice on!” Prince William said.

During the conversation, Middletonasked her husband if he knows how to do a plait or braid. The duchess added that it’s the weaving that’s really hard, which probably is the reason why it didn’t turn out well when she did it to Princess Charlotte’s hair.

Last Saturday, Princess Charlotte sported two hairstyles during Trooping the Colour. The little princess was first seen gazing at the window with Prince Louis and Prince George with her hair pulled back off her face. She sported a cute blue bow on top of her head.

However, she seemed not happy with her hairstyle because she donned a completely different one when she joined the rest of the royal family members on the Buckingham Palace balcony. The blue bow was missing when she was spotted there, and she had a middle parting with a pretty half updo. Middleton was seen playing with her daughter’s hair as they stood on the balcony.

In related news, the rumors about Middleton expecting her fourth baby continues. During their visit to Cumbria, the duchess appeared broody as her attention was mostly on the children. Earlier this year, during the couple’s trip to Northern Ireland, she confessed that she was feeling “broody” after meeting baby James Barr.

Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte
Pictured: Middleton and Princess Charlotte after attending Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding at St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle, in Windsor, on May 19, 2018. Getty Images/Jane Barlow