England has two main fashion-forward ladies: Kate Middleton, Prince William's new bride and Victoria Beckham, former Spice Girl and wife to British soccer star David Beckham.

Posh has been a fashion icon ever since her days in the Spice Girls where she was the least awkwardly dressed (Ginger's British flag dress or Baby's weird pigtails, anyone?). Victoria also had her own fashion line. Kate is a recent staple on the English fashion scene. The newly minted duchess was always well-dressed and watched as she was dating Prince William, but now that they're married she is bonafide fashion royalty. Kate wore a custom-designed Alexander McQueen gown to her wedding and versions of her dresses have sold out of stores in mere hours of photos being published.

We're crazy for Kate but we still love our Becks. See, Kate brings classic, regal style to the table. Any of Kate's outfits would be better suited for a tea party, fancy work dinner or a wedding than a runway. Victoria on the otherhand, is truly a designer at heart. Everything she wears looks runway ready (except maybe the dress she wore to the royal wedding).

The two have very different looks. Kate is very natural--long, blown out hair, light eye make-up and slightly glossed lips. Kate even wears the same thing more than once! Posh is heavy on the eyeliner and a little bit rock 'n' roll. She's never seen in the same thing twice or without her Louboutins. The pair, however, have a similar taste in how their dresses are cut. Both Kate and Victoria like form-fitted, cinched at the waist looks, though Victoria's are arguably tighter.

There isn't a rivalry though, because both fill very specific roles in the British fashion industry. Victoria is high-fashion and sometimes avant garde, while Kate is the simple, sophisticated duchess next door.

The ladies even collaborate. The Sun recently reported that Kate asked Victoria for some evening dresses for her honemoon. Victoria more than obliged and even offered fashion tips. Becks is also an admirere of Kate, she said back in February: She is a beautiful young girl, she has a wonderful figure and I think she wears clothes beautifully. I would be honoured if she were to wear my designs.

Below are some pictures of Victoria and Kate's unique, yet similar styles.