Kate Middleton’s sister Pippa Middleton had her first photo scandal a week after the royal wedding.

According to Daniela Elser of News.com.au, Pippa made headlines during the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s royal wedding due to her bottom that made its way on Twitter and Facebook. Pippa’s gym-toned derrière was splashed across social media, papers and websites when she helped her sister walk down the aisle as Middleton’s maid of honor.

However, a week after Middleton’s big day, Pippa faced her first bona fide scandal when a photo of her in a racy shot leaked. In the snap, Middleton’s sister is very tanned and only wears a lavender bra and white skirt as she dances seductively with a man behind her only wearing boxers or board shorts. The sight was a stark contrast to Pippa’s polished image during the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s royal wedding.

Things got worse for Pippa when the following week, her topless photos hit the internet. The provocative photos had been taken years earlier during a 2006 holiday.

According to Elser, Prince William and Middleton and some of their friends were with Pippa on the said outing. The Middleton sisters even wore matching white bikinis.

Pippa was seen doing a backwards dive into the ocean. After swimming, she took off her bikini top and rinsed it, which left her topless.

The photo scandal was deemed humiliating to the Middletons since it happened too soon after Prince William and Middleton’s royal wedding. The agency who owned the photos already banned them from future use.

Middleton and Pippa were last seen together at Wimbledon with Meghan Markle. The trio looked happy and seemed to be enjoying each other’s company.

However, according to an insider, Markle and Pippa were at war before their joint appearance. Pippa was reportedly very open about her dislike for Markle because she accused the latter to be the person behind the attempt of a wedge between her and her sister-in-law Vogue Williams.

Meanwhile, Duncan Larcombe said that Markle is a replica of Middleton’s sister. Both Markle and Pippa share the same temperament, personality and bubbliness.