Kate Upton, the 19-year-old Michigan native that's gracing the cover page of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition has been chosen as the next sultry model to smear burger all over her face as she rolls around in revealing clothing. Pure glam!

Hardee's, known as Carl's Jr. along the West Coast, has featured several other bombshells in scandalous ads before.

Padma Lakshmi, the famous cook and model, once devoured a Hardee's Western Bacon Thick Burger. Lakshimi is scantily clad and shown licking every last drop of sauce off of her hand.

Paris Hilton has also participated in the famous series of commercials. With the way thtat the commercial was shot, you'd think that Hilton was selling luxury vehicles, car washes, swimsuits or soap.

After entering a garage, Hilton slips out of her fur coat to reveal a revealing black swimsuit. Hilton writhes around on the car, splashing herself and the car with bubbles. Eventually, she crawls across the luxury vehicle and takes a big chomp out of an oversized burger. The Spicy BBQ Burger, says the commercial. That's hot.

In similar form, Kim Kardashian filmed an advertisement for the Cranberry Apple Walnut Chicken Salad from Hardee's. Kardashian is shown in a robe in a room, laying on the bed as she nibbles the salad. As she hand-feeds herself the salad, a large glob of sauce drops from a bit and past her breasts. The camera zooms in to reveal her revealing outfit. Kardashian says, While the best things in life are messy, it's fun to get clean.

Kardashian winds up naked in a bathtub. Of course, she brings the salad along.

Hardee's has not revealed how Upton's commercial will fit into the series. Video of the commercial shoot shows Upton perched on a cliff overlooking what appears to be Los Angeles at night. The commercial is set at a drive-in theater.

I'm shooting the Southwest Patty Melt for Carl's Jr. and Hardee's, says Upton. I love this concept. It's very 50s.

It's the classic patty melt, but there adding a little spice to it with jalepeno, she says.

My spice, that I bring to it, is lingerie, says Upton.

To see a preview of the commercial, check out the video below, or look at this tweet Kate Upton sent out showing her eating a juicy Hardee's burger.