Attempts to remove a video from social media showing a 12-year-old girl committing suicide have been unsuccessful. The 40-minute video streamed live on Live.Me and connected through Facebook has circulated widely online since being filmed a few days before the New Year.

The video, which Katelyn Nicole Davis streamed herself, was posted to her Facebook page through the live stream and has since been removed by her family since then. However, it was saved and redistributed on multiple social media websites before her family or the police could prevent it from being shared or viewed by others.

The video has been circulating on Facebook but was deleted from YouTube. Some sites, like Live.Me, were working to remove the video.

“We understand that users had begun circulating footage of the tragedy before our support team had been able to respond, and we are actively working to track down those videos and have them removed from Facebook and other video sharing sites,” Live.Me said in a statement to BuzzFeed.

Polk County Police Chief Kenny Dodd said that the police department tried to contact the various social media platforms where people have been posting the video before admitting it was “impossible” to take down.

“We did our due diligence to try to remove it but it’s impossible,” Dodd told Fox station WAGA-TV. “There’s too many websites that have it, there’s too many people that have it on their device such as their smartphones, iPads, computers.”

The Polk County Police Department posted a statement Monday about the suicide video and their investigation.

“As many of you know, there have been numerous videos and posts on various internet websites that are referencing this case. We are making a specific request that anyone who has any knowledge, videos, or comments regarding this case, please keep this information off of the internet,” the statement read.

Davis made claims of being sexually and physically abused by a family member in the live stream before hanging herself in front of her house. The abuse allegations were being investigated by the police and the perpetrator may face charges if the claims hold truth, the police department said.