Funny woman Kathy Griffin has apologized for posting a photo of herself holding a decapitated fake head of President Donald Trump on social media.

The photo was taken by celebrity photographer Tyler Shields and was also posted on his social media account. After receiving flak from critics, Griffin decided to record a short video of herself apologizing for her deed. The comedian acknowledged the fact that she crossed the line. She also said that she understands why some people reacted very strongly against the photo and what she did.

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Griffin ended her short public apology via her Twitter account with the guarantee that she will ask Sheilds to take down the controversial snap. She also begged for everyone’s forgiveness and reminded her that she is also a human being who makes mistakes.

Meanwhile, Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., responded to Griffin’s tasteless post via his personal Twitter account and said that it was disgusting but not surprising. A handful of celebrities, regardless of whether or not they are supporting Trump and his office, also said that what Griffin did was wrong.

Debra Messing used the Barack Obama effigies that circulated during the former president’s term and said that hanging such effigies was as wrong as what Griffin did to Trump’s fake head. Alyssa Milano also called out Griffin and told her that what she did was inappropriate and offensive. Anderson Cooper, who is good friends with Griffin, said that what Griffin did was disgusting, according to ABC News.

The publication has also reached out to Shields for comment, but the famed photographer has not yet given his response regarding the issue. This is not the first time that Shields has gone under fire for his work. He was previously accused of copying other photographer’s work without crediting them. In 2013, the Florida-born photo journalist told The Daily Beast that he likes asking his subjects to go beyond their comfort zones. On his website, Shields is dubbed as “Hollywood’s favorite photographer” and as the “bad boy of photography.” Outside of photography, Shields has also directed his first film, “Final Girl,” in 2015.

Kathy Griffin
Kathy Griffin has just been fired by CNN. She will no longer be co-hosting the New Year's Eve program alongside Anderson Cooper. Pictured: Griffin at the Carousel of Hope Ball in Beverly Hills, California on Oct. 8, 2016. Reuters/David McNew