Kathy Griffin
Kathy Griffin will head to London on Friday to continue her world tour after fainting on stage on Wednesday. Pictured: Griffin attends the 2014 Best In Drag Show at the Orpheum Theatre on Oct. 5, 2014 in Los Angeles. Getty Images/Jason Kempin

Kathy Griffin is the second celebrity to faint during a live appearance in recent weeks.

The controversial funny woman was in Dublin, Ireland as part of her “Laugh Your Head Off” world tour. As she was nearing the end of her live performance, Griffin fainted on stage and in front of the massive crowd. Minutes later, she uploaded a video on her Twitter account thanking her fans for understanding.

In the clip, Griffin also referenced Wendy Williams, who also fainted on live television while wearing her Halloween costume last month. “This one’s for you, Wendy Williams. Girl down. I had a girl down moment,” she said. But after the incident, Griffin appeared to be in high spirits. She was smiling and laughing in the video, and it didn’t seem as though anything serious occurred.

On Oct. 31, Williams made headlines after she fainted on live television while wearing hear Statue of Liberty costume. During her spiel, the host started slurring her words and stumbled backwards. Following the incident, Williams returned to the live broadcast and said that what just happened wasn’t a stunt.

“That was not a stunt. I’m overheated in my costume and I did pass out. But you know what, I’m a champ, and I’m back!” she said. Williams also took her thoughts to social media and asked fans to relax because she’s doing well. She also gave her glam team and her costume designer, Caesar Galindo, as shout out.

But unlike Williams, Griffin did not reveal exactly why she passed out. It’s unclear if there wasn’t enough ventilation during her packed performance in Dublin. The former CNN host will also continue the London leg of her world tour on Friday.

In August, Griffin announced that she will be going on a world tour after she was involved in a controversy with President Donald Trump. Griffin shared a decapitated photo of the president and recently said that she didn’t regret doing so. According to BBC, Griffin said that she is “not sorry” for what she did and added that “takes back 1,000 percent” of the apology she released thereafter.