She hasn't addressed conspiracy theories that ran rampant last year which claimed she was actually JonBenet Ramsey all grown up, but Katy Perry finally broke her silence on the possibility while hosting the MTV VMAs.

Though a large portion of Perry's skits and jokes tended to fall flat throughout the night, a short skit where she was harassed by "Billy on the Street's" Billy Eichner managed to stand out. As Perry pretended to walk down a street during a pre-taped segment, Eichner followed her, shouting questions like a member of the paparazzi. One question in particular stuck out among the rest however, when Eichner pretended to address a popular conspiracy theory that Perry was in fact the child beauty queen, who was murdered when she was only six years old in 1996.

"Blink Twice is if you're really JonBenet Ramsey!" Eichner shouts at Perry in the skit.

"Wait, no, that's not real," Perry says with a laugh as she continues walking away.

The joke poked fun at a conspiracy theory which surfaced over the years and was spread more widely in 2016, which celebrated the 20-year-anniversary of JonBenet's death and saw an intense focus on the case once again in the media, with new documentaries and other projects which tried to solve the long cold case once and for all. A seven-minute YouTube video even claimed that the theory was proven by Perry's resemblance to what a grown-up JonBenet may have looked like. The theory claimed that the former beauty queen was actually kidnapped by the Illuminati, and even used Perry's eyebrows as the deciding link between the two.

The theory actually first gained traction in 2014, though it became prevalent again in 2016 with the anniversary and renewed coverage of the case. To date, the murder remains unsolved, and it is unclear if anyone will ever be arrested for the crime. Since her death, JonBenet's mother, Patsy, who was considered to be a prime suspect in the case for some time, died 10 years after her daughter following a battle with cancer.

The theory was proven to be nothing more than a conspiracy of course, as Perry couldn't possibly be the former beauty queen, who would have been 26 years old in 2016. Perry was 31.

Perry had previously not addressed the conspiracy theory.

However, some may not have been aware about why the joke was really made during the broadcast. Many took to social media to criticize Perry for the joke, saying it was in bad taste to bring her up because of young she was when she died.

However, some did appreciate the moment and the attempt at the humor behind it. One person even made sure to call out Eichner on social media, telling him that they felt the line would officially be the funniest one of the entire show.

Overall, Perry has been failing to impress during the broadcast, with very few of her jokes seeming to land with the audience at the Forum Theatre. The same sentiment seems to have been taking place amongst the viewers at home as well, with many taking to Twitter to share their annoyance over the attempts she made to seem funny.