Keith Urban has praised his daughter Faith Margaret whom he shares with Nicole Kidman for following in his footsteps.

The 54-year-old Australian-American musician appeared on ABC Audio on Thursday where he opened up about his 11-year-old daughter's talent in music.

"(She) has a great musical ear," Urban said, as per Good Morning America. "I can tell 'cause she'll hear a melody and go to the little piano and figure it out by singing it and matching the notes and stuff. She's got a good ear."

The musician also spoke about their 13-year-old daughter, Sunday Rose, saying, "Sunday, I think, has always been interested in filming and making little stories with her little iPad."

"Even when she was 5, 6 years old, she liked to film with her iPad," Urban recalled. "Kids from the neighborhood will come over for play dates, and I tell you, immediately, they will be roped into being in these mini-movies that she makes. They've got to learn their parts and everything."

Urban also shared that he would love to see Sunday Rose making movies as he believes she is a "good storyteller."

The two kids did voice acting for the first time in "The Angry Birds Movie 2," which came out in 2019. They also appeared in the TV series "Big Little Lies" and "The Undoing" along with their mother.

Earlier this month, Kidman opened up about her daughters' reaction to her Academy Award nomination.

"My kids are looking at me, like, 'wow, congrats, mom.' Anyway, we're going to be late. We better get going," she said during an interview with The View. She also admitted that though her kids are not as emotional as she is, they have been very supportive of her career.

Kidman and Urban tied a knot in 2006. Their firstborn, Sunday Rose, was born in 2008. The couple welcomed her second child, Faith Margaret, via surrogacy in 2011.

On the work front, Urban was last featured in a music video titled "Throw It Back," which was released on June 4, 2021. Kidman, on the other hand, will be next seen in the movies "The Northman" and "Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom." She is currently filming the TV series "Roar."

Nicole Kidman and her husband Keith Urban have urged people to donate to efforts
Nicole Kidman and her husband Keith Urban have urged people to donate to efforts GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / Frazer Harrison