A deleted scene from Tuesday’s Season 5 installment of “Dance Moms” features a candid moment between dancer Kendall Vertes and her mother, Jill. In the bonus clip, released by Lifetime, Kendall, 12, reveals her true feelings about a verbal exchange her mother shared with her coach, Abby Lee Miller, in episode 25.

Jill’s spat with Abby began in “Abby vs. Kira” after the ALDC (Abby Lee Dance Company) coach refused to fulfill the moms’ request of giving their daughters more dance training. When Abby finally agreed, putting on an impromptu stretch class for her students, she promptly scolded Kendall for her lack of flexibility. Her comment caused Jill to lash out, blaming the coach for her daughter’s inability to perform based on her lack of training. Abby responded by calling Kendall “lazy” for not stretching on her own time and telling her she was “finished” for the day.

In the deleted scene, Jill asks Kendall if she thinks Abby was too hard on her in the class.

“Did you see what happened yesterday?” Kendall counters her mother. When Jill says she is fully aware of the drama that went down, Kendall adds, “Well, then that answers your question. Yes.”

When Jill asks her daughter if she knows why Abby reacted the way she did, Kendall says, “I don’t know. She’s crazy."

“Well, don’t say that,” Jill responds before giving her daughter some advice for dealing with her coach. “I want you to hold your head high and not worry about any of that crap that Abby is telling you. She’s upset about something else. She’s not mad at you guys, but she’s taking it out on you.”

Kendall appears to take her mother’s advise in stride, but asks her to refrain from confronting Abby in the future. While Jill explains she is merely protecting her, Kendall says her actions do more harm than good.

“When I yell at Abby its because I’m protecting you,” Jill explains.

“But you’re not, because then she takes it out on me again.” Kendall says.

The mother-daughter duo finish their conversation by Kendall asking her mom to refrain from getting into screaming matches with Abby. Jill doesn't agree, telling Kendall she refuses to “walk out” when she feels Abby is treating her unfairly.

“Honey, no! Walk out so she can pick on you without me standing there to defend you? Nah uh,” she says.

Watch Lifetime’s deleted scene from “Dance Moms” Season 5, episode 25 below:

While Kendall makes it known she is fearful Abby will take out her frustrations surrounding her fight with Jill on her, it doesn’t appear that will be the case in episode 26. One “Dance Moms” spoiler site reports that Kendall and her ALDC teammates will be awarded solos in next week’s installment, “Where in the World is Abby Lee Miller?” However, it may also have something to do with Abby being “kicked out” of the “Dance Moms” set and not returning for one week. 

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