The pili nuts that are often neglected by many may hold the key to living a healthier and more meaningful life.

What used to be an ordinary nut has transformed into an amazing health treat. Pili nuts have gained fame in different Asian countries after two friends discovered how it could give tremendous health benefits to individuals.

Back in 2009, when Gary Chin Teck Chiang’s father died, he vowed to find ways and means to help people live a healthier life.

With his friend, Terry Tong Chieh Hsien, they went on a quest to find a natural product that would possess a chockfull of nutrients.

Fortunately, they came across pili nuts during one of their travels in the Philippines and discovered the creamy and light buttery taste of the nut, not to mention the abundant nutrient-value it contains.

Fast forward to 2013, and the two friends who live in Singapore finally established Pili Pushers, a business centered on packaging the nuts but through a process that preserves its nutritional value.

According to a Time report, Tong said that they kick-start the germination process of the nuts through pre-sprouting. Thus, it increases their bioavailability. It is only then that they dehydrate the nuts to seal in flavors.

Pilinuts for Ketogenic Diet
Pilinuts are good for those following a ketogenic diet. Pixabay

Regarded as a superfood, pili nuts can be considered as a best friend of those following the ketogenic diet, where foods consumed are high in fat and less in carbohydrates.

One plant-based dietitian in Singapore, Sharon Chan Chau-wai, attested to the nutritional value of pili nuts.

The growing popularity of pili nuts has become very apparent. If before, it was only Pili Pushers that were invading the market, now, other businesses have joined in.

There are still people around who have not yet heard of pili nuts. Some have not also gotten to the part of tasting them. For keto fans, however, pili nuts are like manna. They derive their fat requirements with the least amount of carbs.

While it may take six to seven years before a pili tree to bear fruit, and it would require laborious work just to get those nuts out of the shell, the wait is worth it.