Britney Spears, Kevin Federline
Britney Spears and Kevin Federline at the 2004 Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas in 2004. Reuters


  • Kevin Federline claimed the videos of Britney Spears allegedly arguing with their sons were taken when the kids were 11 and 12
  • The videos appeared to have been taken without the singer's knowledge
  • The post came after Spears accused her sons Sean Preston, 16, and Jayden James, 15, of acting "hateful" during visits to her house

Britney Spears and her ex-husband Kevin Federline's back-and-forth continues, with the former backup dancer posting old videos appearing to show the singer arguing with their two sons.

A day after Spears accused her sons Sean Preston, 16, and Jayden James, 15, of acting "hateful" during visits to her house, Federline shared three videos on Instagram that seemingly showed the "Toxic" hitmaker scolding their two children.

"I can not sit back and let my sons be accused in this way after what they've been through. As much as it hurts us, we decided as a family to post these videos the boys took when they were 11 & 12. This isn't even the worst of it. The lies have to stop. I hope our kids grow up to be better than this. #NeverFearTruth," Federline wrote in the caption.

In the first video, Spears appeared to be engaged in a bedtime argument with the boys. She told them that they have to respect her.

"This is my house, if I want to come in here and give you lotion for your face because it is coarse, and all you tell me is, 'it's fine, it's fine,' no, it's not fine," Spears allegedly said in the clip. "You better all start respecting me, are we clear? And when Robin calls ... even Robin is a f–ing kid."

Spears sounded upset as she asked her sons to "treat me like a woman with worth." She can also be heard telling them, "Be nice to me. Do you understand?"

The second clip, seemingly taken without the singer's knowledge like the first video, showed Spears allegedly yelling, "Have you lost your f–ing mind? Have you lost your f–ing mind?" as she sat in the passenger seat of a car.

Spears seemed upset with her son Sean after he was inside a store without wearing shoes and told him she was taking his phone away.

"I'm shocked as f–k with you and I don't know what to do," Spears allegedly said. "And I'm scared of you because you're weird because you're going through puberty. And I don't know what to say. But I do care more than you know."

After Federline shared the videos, an unnamed source close to Spears told Page Six, "This is terrible, Kevin is disgusting. He is weaponizing the kids by releasing the videos. But in these clips, Britney is just being a mom."

Federline's post came after Spears shared a message about her kids via Instagram. In her post, obtained by TMZ, the singer said she looks forward to seeing her sons every week but alleged that they "they would visit, walk in the door, go straight to their room and lock the door."

"There's being rude [and] then there's being HATEFUL," she wrote.

Spears went on to say that she has "always TRIED and TRIED" because "I wanted them to love me so much," but she felt that she might have overdone it and that this may be the reason why they stopped visiting her.

Britney Spears & Kevin Federline
Kevin Federline talks about co-parenting with ex Britney Spears. Pictured: Ex couple attends the SONY BMG Grammy Party at The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel on Feb. 8, 2006. Getty Images/Vince Bucci