Kevin Spacey is finally free of the sexual assault charge as the case was dropped by the Prosecutors in Massachusetts on Wednesday. Now that things were settled and the accusations cleared, what’s next for the actor’s struggling Hollywood career?

Kevin Spacey is an award-winning actor who people look up to because of his talent and skills in acting. For more than 2 decades in the entertainment industry, the 59-year-old producer built his career and made his way to the top.

While being famous has its pros and cons, Spacey continued to rise to fame and fortune until a criminal case was filed against him for sexually assaulting a young man at a Nantucket restaurant. The issue spread like wild fire in the forest causing the fall of the American actor’s Hollywood career.

Spacey, who played the protagonist character in Netflix’s the “House of Cards,” was fired from the series a few weeks after the issue blew up. The former stage actor also had an upcoming biopic that was cancelled because of the negative publicity against him.

Spacey was supposed to play a major starring role in Netflix’s “Gore” that when the issue went public, the American media-service provider dropped the film despite its completion losing around $39 million, Movie Web reported.

Spacey’s accuser invoked his right against self-incrimination regardless of being told that in doing so, the case will not move forward. The Cape and Island District Attorney, Michael O’Keefe, stated in the court filing, that the prosecution was being dropped because the complaining witness against Spacey was unavailable, The New York Times reported.

All those years of Spacey’s hard work, gone in a snap of a finger. Following this unfortunate and disturbing circumstance, does his acting career still have a chance?

Paul Schrader and Antony Sher are only few of the individuals who support and hope that Spacey may be given a chance. They described him as a remarkable actor and to lose him would be a terrible loss to the entertainment industry.

A suggestion was made by Vox that Mel Gibson’s comeback could set a precedent, making Spacey’s comeback quite possible, but the same isn’t one-size-fits-all kind of thing, Niki Swift reported.

However, not all seem to conform with second chances. In 2017, Bryan Cranston was very explicit when he shared his thoughts about Spacey’s career, opining that it was over, BBC Newsbeat reported.

No matter what their opinions are regarding Spacey’s career, they are entitled to it. How about you, what’s yours?