Keya Morgan, Stan Lee’s former business manager, was arrested Saturday morning in Arizona on an outstanding warrant from the Los Angeles Police Department.

Officer Mike Lopez of the LAPD confirmed the arrest warrant was on elder abuse charges for Morgan's alleged actions against Lee, the deceased legendary comic creator. Morgan was accused of the following charges during the time he served Stan Lee, which include forgery, fraud against an elder adult, embezzlement, theft and also misdemeanor count alleging elder abuse. 

Police also suspect that Morgan made more than $262,200 from Lee’s May 2018 autograph signing sessions. In 2018, Morgan had moved Lee from his Hollywood Hills home to a condominium in Beverly Hills so that he could have more control over the Marvel Comic Legend. Soon after Lee was detached from Morgan’s attention when the latter was arrested for making false 911 calls. Police said it was a stunt to convince Lee that he was in danger.

Furthermore, Morgan allegedly manipulated a mentally week Lee by obstructing him from seeing any of his family members or friends, and trying to control of all of Lee’s business affairs. Last year, Lee ‘s daughter filed a request for a restraining order for Morgan. Lee’s attorney claimed that Morgan mishandled more than $5 million of Lee’s money.

This isn’t the first time Lee’s name has got tangled in legal disputes. Lee started his comics journey in 1939 and first co-created the Fantastic Four with Jack Kirby in 1961. He went on to create characters such as Spiderman, Hulk, Black Panther, and other Marvel superheroes. All of Marvel movies became huge hits. In 1998 Lee traded his movie rights for $10 million in addition to a $1 million salary a year for life.

Lee died from natural causes last November. The legendary Marvel comic book creator had an estate worth $50 million at the time of passing.