Khloé Kardashian’s boyfriend James Harden is reportedly upset with the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star after she recently flirted with her ex-boyfriend French Montana. Kardashian ran into her old flame Wednesday night during The Weeknd concert in Los Angeles.

“James has enough on his plate right now and Khloé, on top of it, is too much for him to eat. His team is playing poorly and to add insult to injury, Khloé’s out kicking it with French Montana,” a source told Hollywood Life.

An eyewitness described Kardashian and Montana’s interaction as “all love,” according to TMZ. The two reportedly split earlier this year before she moved on to Harden.

“His team is giving him s--- about that because everybody in the world knows French and Khloé did the bunny hop together,” the source reportedly said. “One of his teammates told him that he should just get himself a groupie and call it a day because Khloé’s not worth all the headache.”

Harden, who has been supporting Kardashian since her husband Lamar Odom was hospitalized in October, is having doubts over his relationship after the Montana incident.

“James isn’t a jealous person. He could understand if she was at Lamar’s bedside. That he gets. But her out at a concert with her ex French? That’s not cool. He’s wondering if Khloé’s the right woman for him,” the source told Hollywood Life.

Odom has been hospitalized since he was found unconscious at a Nevada brothel in October. The former NBA star survived the near-death incident and has been recovering. The incident forced Kardashian to call off her divorce as she took care of Odom’s medical decisions.

Kardashian was then criticized for dating Harden despite being married to Odom. However, the reality TV star slammed all reports saying that their "divorce is still going forward."

Last month, a report said that Rob Kardashian was “disgusted” with his sister for letting Odom believe that she would get back together with him, yet continuing her relationship with the Houston Rockets player.