Cathy Freeman and Herb Elliot, both former Olympians, have just recently launched a program which tackles obesity in Australian children.

A quarter of the kids in Australia are obese and that's really alarming. Freeman said.

This program involves the Global Children Challenge which will give 50,000 primary school children a pedometer which will track their progress in a website. With this program, it will encourage kids to walk up to 15,000 steps a day.

The children are the leaders of our tomorrow so we must see to it that they are living the lives that are sure best for themselves.

We teach our kids an inactive lifestyle due to the presence of computers and television sets. If we keep on doing this, we will have the unhealthiest kids in the world. Elliot said.

This program will run for 50 days from September and shall allow Australian children to interact online from all kids all over the world.