Sarah Linden 'The Killing'
Was Linden supposed to die in "The Killing?" Netflix

Viewers who have already made it through the six episodes of “The Killing” Season 4, which premiered on Netflix Aug. 1, now know how the series ends. Spoiler alert! After one last bleak season, “The Killing” managed to end on a happy note, with Linden finally finding some peace and, in the last scene, becoming romantically involved with her partner through the series, Holder. But there was a time when the writers explored an alternate ending to the crime drama -- killing off their lead character.

“The Killing” Executive Producer Veena Sud told TV Line the writers had to decide which direction to take the series in for the finale. “Certainly, it was a thought over the years,” confessed Sud. “My feeling was, in order for the story to end, Linden either had to continue down this dark road, or find her way out of the valley of darkness. And I felt that Linden deserved the latter ending. I didn’t want to kill her. I love her too much. And after everything she’s been through, she deserved some peace.” She added that the idea of killing her off was never “seriously” considered.

Sud also tied up a couple of other loose ends from the Netflix finale. Apparently, Holder did marry Caroline (but divorced somewhere in the five-year time jump at the end), Kyle did go to jail for the murder of his family, and it was Sud's intention for a long time to have Holder and Linden match up at the series’ end.

“The Killing” has survived two cancellations before, but Sud says the story is finished and the creators are content ending on their own terms. “We brought her to the end of her journey. She found the thing that she was looking for all along. It’s the end of the story.” It seems Season 4 will finally be the end for the show.

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