The Kardashian clan almost came back from their Thailand vacation with a new family member on Sunday’s episode of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” after new mom Kim Kardashian revealed her desire to adopt one of the local orphans.

In an effort to give back (and subdue their family vacation drama), the Kardashian-Jenner clan visited an orphanage in Thailand, a meet-and-greet which resulted in an immediate bond between Kardashian, 30, and 12-year-old orphan named Pink.

“In the past I never would have thought of adoption,” Kardashian told cameras after Pink gave the reality TV star her only possession, a bracelet, while saying their goodbyes. “When you meet someone that you really connect to like this, you can’t help but think like how you could change their life. And I think that looking into adoption would be amazing.” 

Despite Kardashian sharing her plans to raise Pink with husband, rapper Kanye West, 37, alongside the couple’s daughter, North West, 13 months, mom Kris Jenner didn’t share in the excitement.

“Her name is Pink, and I literally cannot stop thinking about her,” Kim told Jenner and stepbrother Brandon Jenner. “I told Kanye, I was like, honestly, this girl is so sweet and so cute, like, I would honestly adopt her."

“That is a little aggressive,” said her mother. “I think you can’t just go to an orphanage and fall in love with a child and take them home like you’re shopping. You get very passionate about things and you don’t think the whole thing through. I mean, I bet there are other things that you could do that would make all the difference in this little girl’s life that you could do without bringing her home.”

Kardashian’s efforts to bring the Thai orphan back to America were later revealed to be in vain after their resort's manager, Mark, delivered the reality star some unfortunate news. “You can’t adopt here in Thailand,” he said. “It’s very, very difficult. The government worry that people are going to come here and take the children for the wrong reasons.”

“It’s just so sad that to know that because so many people were taking advantage, it has ruined the chances of other children getting experiences that could change their world,” said Kardashian.

Before departing Thailand, Kardashian returned to the orphanage, giving Pink and the other residents presents. “I’ll always remember her,” she said.

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